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Teddy Bear Colouring

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Teddy Bear Coloring Online Pages

Using a new coloring application you can now create great pictures online with most of my bear drawings. This new addition to the site allows you to save the pictures you have created, print them and post to your facebook gallery.

Really like the new online coloring, loads of features and while watching my daughter, it has loads of possibilities for children of all ages and adults alike.

Poorly Teddy BearPoorly Teddy Bear

A poorly teddy sat in a wheelchair in a hospital. A simple kids coloring page, should be good for kids of all ages.

Teddy Cutting BreadTeddy Cutting Bread

This teddy bear colouring page features a teddy bear cutting slices of a loaf of bread.

Gardening Teddy BearGardening Teddy Bear

A slightly more complicated teddy bear coloring page, with a teddy bear digging in his garden.

Italian Teddy BearItalian Teddy Bear

A teddy bear in Italy eating a large slice of pizza, this teddy coloring page should be good for kids of all ages.

Teddy Bear ColouringTeddy Bear Colouring

This teddy bear colouring picture has a cute teddy colouring in pictures, scattered around him are large crayons and pieces of paper.

Magician Teddy Bear Magician Teddy Bear

This teddy colouring page has a magician holding a magic wand. This is one of the more complicated Free Coloring pages I'm adding to the site.

Colouring Teddy Bear Colouring Teddy Bear

This cute teddy coloring page has a baby teddy bear, playing in a playroom. One of the new slightly more complicated free colouring pages.

Panda ColouringPanda Colouring

I love this new Panda coloring picture, looks so cute. This new Panda colouring page features a cute Panda, playing with a branch.

Teddy Bear ColouringColouring Teddy Bear

Another simple teddy bear picture. This new teddy bear is sat outside and is holding four balloons. Would look great coloured in really bright colours.

Teddy Bear SkiingColouring Teddy Bear

A simple teddy bear colouring page, featuring a skiing teddy bear wearing a stripy scarf, with lots of snow topped trees.

Teddy bear MagicianTeddy bear Magician

A well dressed Teddy bear magician colouring picture. The Teddy featured is holding a sad looking rabbit which has been pulled from the hat.

Teddy Bear PaintingTeddy Bear Painting

A very Messy teddy bear colouring picture. The Teddy bear has been painting, paint is all over the wall and all over the Teddy Bear.

Xmas Teddy bearXmas Teddy bear

A more complicated teddy bear picture. With A Xmas teddy bear opening a present in front of a fireplace, suitable for older children.

Teddy bear fishingTeddy bear fishing

This teddy colouring page has a bear fishing in a pond, The teddy bear has caught an old boot, two happy looking fish watch him fish.

Winter Teddy bearSnowman Teddy bear

A teddy bear wearing a hat and scarf holding snowballs. In the background a happy snowman.

hot air balloon teddy bearTeddy Bear Colouring

This kids colouring pictures shows a small happy teddy bear floating above the ground in a hot air balloon.

cowboy teddy bearCowboy Teddy Bear

- Dot to Dot of a sand bucket on the beach. Quite a simple dot to dot page, suitable for younger children.

Summer teddy bearSummer Teddy Bear

A teddy bear sitting having a picnic in the countryside, eating an ice cream.

Teddy Bear princessPrincess Teddy Bear

A cute looking teddy bear princess wearing a crown and gown. In the distance is her castle.

Xmas Teddy BearXmas Teddy Bear

A Xmas teddy making a snowman in the snow a good page for kids of all ages to colour in.

Scuba Bear

Scuba Bear

The first of the new kids drawing, completed this one many, many times while testing these out.

Flying Bear

Flying Bear

A pretty simple one featuring a flying bear floating across the sky in a balloon.

Fishing Teddy

Simple Fishing Teddy

Quite a simple one should be good for younger kids to play with.

Balloon Teddy

Balloon Teddy

Another simple one, good to use the paint bucket tool to fill in block colours.

Cowboy Teddy Bear

Cowboy Bear

A online coloring page featuring a chubby cowboy sheriff teddy.

Painting Teddy Bear

Balloon Bear

Lots of colors to splash about on this one, good for children of all ages.

Teddy Slicing Bread

Teddy Slicing Bread

This new addition shows a bear slicing a loaf of bread, lots of sections to colour in on this one.

Artist Teddy Bear

Artist Teddy

An artist teddy drawing a picture of a boy. Should be good for children of all ages.

Poorly Teddy

Poorly Teddy

A medium range page that works well for kids of all ages depending on what coloring style your children use.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear

Reworked this one a bit and think it really works well using the new online coloring application.

Gardening Bear

Gardening Bear

Quite a few sections to color in on this one, again should be suited to children of all ages.

Teddy Colouring

Teddy Colouring

My favourite from this set featuring a bear in a kids nursery. Really like this one.

Magician Teddy Bear

Magician Teddy Bear

A more complicated online picture featuring a magician. Lots of sections on this one, good for older kids.