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Butterfly Colouring

Butterfly and caterpillar printables and a good selection of my drawings. There are simple printables for younger children and some more complicated ones that should appeal to Kids of different ages.

I have also created some on-line versions of these that can be coloured in using your computer. I still want to add a few more different butterfly drawings to this section, like the ones that are done so far but there is quite a selection that should be featured on this section.

Colouring Butterflies

Colouring Butterflies

Another complicated butterfly colouring printable featuring a large butterfly with hearts on its wings, lots of big and small butterflies flying round it.

butterfly printable

Butterfly Printable

A cute butterfly with heart shapes on its wings, flying above some flowers, in the distance are lots of smaller butterflies.

Colouring Butterfly

Colouring Butterfly

A cute butterfly with heart shapes on its wings, flying above some flowers, in the distance are lots of smaller butterflies, these should be good to colour in.

Butterfly Colouring

A more complicated butterfly colouring picture with loads and loads of small butterflies to colour in. Should be good for older children to colour in.

Caterpillar Colouring

Caterpillar Coloring

A very complicated caterpillar picture, featuring a fat caterpillar eating a leaf. I really like this new addition to the site.

Butterfly Coloring Picture

Butterfly Page

A happy butterfly soaring above the ground, quite a simple printable, but should look good when coloured in.

Butterfly with flower


A happy looking butterfly holding a flower in his hands, below him is a tiny butterfly, quite a simple butterfly colouring picture, good for younger children.


Cute Caterpillar

A cute caterpillar standing on a leaf holding on to a blade of grass. In the distance are several leaves and a flower.

online Butterfly colouring


This new online butterfly picture, can be coloured in using your computer, should be good for older kids, pretty complicated.


Caterpillar Colouring

Colour your own caterpillar online, lots of sections to colour in on this new page.

online Butterfly colouring

Online Butterfly

Another quite complicated page, featuring a large butterfly, lots to colour on this one.

Butterfly Colouring

Online Colouring

Another complicated butterfly page, lots of shapes to colour on this one.

Butterfly colouring

Heart Butterfly

A happy butterfly covered with hearts another quite complicated colouring page, suitable for kids of all ages.

butterfly Word Search

Butterfly Word Search

Find the ten hidden words, in this new word puzzle game.