Dot to Dot

Below are a selection of my free dot to dot printables, if you have a request for the a new dot to dot picture please feel free to email me from the Contact Page. The printables below feature some simple ones and some more complicated ones for older children to connect the dots.

Starting work on adding far more slightly more complicated dot to dot printables to this section and planning to add loads and loads of new ones on lots of different themes. If there is something you want featured on here please let me know.

dot to dot numbers Just added nine dot to dot numbers to the site. One to nine are featured and there are lots of dots to connect up on some of these and some have less to work out. The simple ones eg four and seven are excellent for teaching children how to use a ruler and how to control that while making straight lines and joining things up.

Gardener Dot 2 Dot

Gardener Dot 2 Dot

A more complicated dot to dot printable also available in PDF formats.

Nursery Teddy Bear

Nursery Teddy Bear

Another slightly more complicated one with fourty eight dots to join up, PDF available.

Camping Dot to dot

Camping Connect the dots

A medium range dot to dot page with twenty dots to connect. Should be good for slightly older kids to complete.

Tent Colouring

Tent Camping

Connect the dots to create the rest of the missing tent, over fourty to connect. This one's great for older children to complete.

Fish Dot 2 Dot

Fish Dot 2 Dot

twenty eight dots to join up on this one, another for slightly older children to print and join up.

fish dot to dot

Fish connect the dots

A slightly more complicated one with thirty seven to join up. Another one for older kids.

Dot to Dot  Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros Dot 2 Dot

A large Rhino dot to dot coloring printable with fourty eight dots to join up, good for older kids.

Rhino Dot to Dot

Rhino Dot to Dot

Fourty nine dots to join up on this new Rhino dot to dot colouring printable, again designed for older kids.

Puppy Dot to DotPuppy

Fourty nine dots to join up on this new one, should be good for older kids.

Dog dot to dotDog Dot to Dot

A new dog dot to dot page with loads of dots to join up. Should be good for older children.

on the beachSand Bucket

Dot to Dot of a sand bucket on the beach. Quite a simple dot to dot page, suitable for younger children.

clown in boxClown in Box

A happy clown springing out of a box, this free dot to dot printable is also very simple having only six lines to be added.

leavesLeaves and Flowers

This is a more complicated dot to dot picture for older children. There are nineteen lines to be created to make the shape of a leaf.

teddy bear sheriffTeddy Bear Sheriff

There are fifteen dots to join up in this picture. Should be pretty easy to do. There are also lots of Teddy bear Printables on my site.


Join the dots to create the unicorns horn. There are seven dots to join up on this dot to dot picture. Again quite a simple one.

xmas treeXmas Tree

This Xmas tree dot to dot printable is quite complicated it has nineteen dots. Better for older children to use.

space starSpace Dot to Dot

A space star dot to dot page, hidden in the picture is a large star out in space, featuring ten dots.