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Circus Colouring Pages

Below are a selection of Free Circus Printable Colouring Pages to print out and colour in. There are many more People Colouring pages available on the free colouring website if you like these ones.

Circus Clown Colouring

Circus Clown Coloring

A happy clown colouring picture, the clown's wearing a big top hat, and holding a flower. Behind him is the big top circus.

Lion Tamer Colouring

Lion Tamer Colouring

A lion tamer colouring picture from the circus, wearing a top hat standing with a happy looking lion.

Seal Colouring Picture

Seal Colouring

A circus seal colouring picture, the seal's balancing a ball on his nose, in the distance you can see the circus tents. A simple colouring picture.

Happy Colouring Clown

Coloring Clown

A happy clown colouring picture. The clown's wearing a large bow tie, with a flower in his hat.

Clown Colouring picture

Clown Coloring picture

This circus clown colouring picture is a close up of a clown's face showing his large bow tie. Good large areas for colouring in.

Colouring Clown Picture

Funny Clown

A cheeky looking clown colouring picture, featuring a happy clown with an enormous striped bow tie.

Teddybear Clown Printable

Teddy Clown Printable

A happy teddy bear clown picture, the clown teddybear is holding a bunch of flowers.

Juggling Clown Colouring

Juggling Clown

A slightly more complicated circus colouring picture, with a clown juggling balls.

Seal Online Coloring

Seal Online Coloring

Quite a simple Online Circus Coloring page featuring a Seal balancing a ball on his nose.

Clown Face Coloring

Clown Online Coloring

Colour in this online coloring page with sixty colors to choose from. Loads more Online Coloring pages are available on my site.

Circus Dog Coloring

Circus Dog

A very simple kids printable featuring a happy dog balancing on a ball.