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Teddy Bear Coloring

New Teddy Bear pages, thirteen new ones and all using the new advanced colouring app. Save the completed images that you have created, print them out and also new features including magic brush, colour chooser, change brush sizes and undo and re do features.

Below are a selection of the new pages which I am added to the kids free coloring site. The ones that have NEW on them are now re worked and have new coloring tools and the ability to save, print and post to your facebook gallery. I'm working on getting all the older ones across to the new layout.

I'm intending to add all the good Free Colouring Pages that will work well from the site and convert them into Online Colouring pictures.

The new Online colouring pages feature sixty new colours to choose from. I think these will be really good on the simple colouring pages and on the new more complicated kids' pictures. Feel free to email me with your comments from the Contact Page.

Cow Coloring


Easter ColoringEaster Coloring

Just started working on these new online coloring pages, still a few more to get added to complete the set.

Halloween ColoringHalloween Colouring

Six new additions to the site featured in the halloween section, still lots more to get added this week to complete these new ones.

Transport ColoringTransport Coloring

Ten are featuring including a tractor, train, digger, JCB and cars, a great selection of images designed for children of all ages.

Fairy ColoringFairy Coloring

Fairy Coloring pages, five new additions to my site some very simple and some more complicated for older children.

Frog ColoringFrog Coloring

Three Frog online coloring pictures, some simple and some complicated.

Butterfly ColoringButterfly Coloring

A selection of five online colouring pages and loads of Butterfly printables. This set has a good selection of easy and difficult images.

Dragon ColouringDragon Coloring

A selection of eight new online Dragon colouring pages, also including printables, which can be printed out and coloured in.

Rhino ColouringRhino Coloring

Four online Rhino colouring pages, most of these are quite simple and should be good for young kids.

Bee ColouringBee Coloring

A selection of five Online Colouring pages, most of the ones in this section are pretty simple and designed for younger children.

Pig ColouringPig Online Coloring

Three pig colouring pages, still need to add some more to this online colouring section.

Snail Online ColouringSnail Coloring

Three new Snail Colouring pages, most of these are simple ones designed for younger children.

Robot ColouringRobot Coloring

Seven new Online colouring pages, featuring a selection of Robots, some very simple and some complicated.

Fish coloringFish Coloring

A good selection of printables and virtual pages for kids of all ages.

Dinosaur ColoringDinosaur Coloring

A good range of difficulties, some very simple and some very complicated.

mole colouring picture

Mole Coloring Picture

A quite easy kids colouring picture, featuring a cute mole tunneling underground while holding a lamp.

Fruit colouring page

Fruit Online Colouring

Apples, oranges and a banana in a bowl. Quite a simple kids colouring picture, should be good for younger children to give them mouse control.

Rabbit colouring picture

Rabbit Colouring Picture

A cheeky looking rabbit with an arm full of carrots, collecting from the farmers field. A quite simple online colouring picture, with a good selection of colours.

Ladybird colouring

Ladybird Coloring

Another quite simple children's colouring picture featuring a Ladybird on a leaf with a flower in the background. Freya loves this colouring picture.

Teddybear colouring picture

Princess Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Princess in a gown stood next to a castle. Another quite simple colouring picture, good for younger children.

Cat Colouring

Cat Colouring

Happy looking Cat on a roof at nighttime. Quite a complicated colouring picture, with several sections to colour in.

Sheep On-line Coloring

Sheep Coloring

A new section featuring five sheep pictures. These are all simple ones and are ideal for younger children to use. These all are created using the new coloring app and can be completed and saved to your computer and also can be printed out in various sizes.

The latest online colouring pictures are the Circus Seal colouring picture, more will be added to the free colouring site soon.

The Online Fuzzy Felt section now has a large selection of pictures to create and several more will be added in the near future.