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People Coloring

Just added ten new Online Colouring Images to this page. These new ones are available to colour in using your computer.

The new On-line pages now have the ability to save your finished picture as well as print it out and there are a new selection of coloring tools including colour picker, magic brush, undo and re do previous moves to name but a few.

The new layout works really well for children of all ages and is good for advanced children and even parents.

Baseball ColoringBaseball Coloring

A much simpler People Colouring picture, this one featuring a Baseball Player holding a bat and a baseball, more sports colouring picture will be added soon.

Farmer ColouringFarmer Colouring

Another quite complicated people colouring picture, featuring a farmer standing with two sheep. Loads of sections to be coloured in on this new one.

Spaceman ColouringSpaceman Colouring

Love this new spaceman colouring picture, featuring a spaceman fixing things as he floats in space, lots of sections to colour in, should be good colouring fun for older children.

Go-cart ColouringGo-Cart Colouring

This people colouring page features a boy zooming down a hill on a go cart, another complicated free colouring page.

Chef ColouringChef Colouring

This new people colouring picture features a chef cooking in his kitchen, another complicated kids colouring picture, good for older children.

People Colouring printablesPeople Colouring printables

Another cooking colouring picture with two chefs cooking in a busy looking kitchen. This is a very complicated colouring picture.

Cowboy ColouringCowboy Colouring

Featuring a Cowboy standing outside on a dusty road, in the distance is his little house.

Knight ColouringKnight Colouring

This Knight is dressed in armour, holding a flag, surrounded by tents. Lots of sections to be coloured in on this kids printable.

Eskimo ColouringEskimo Colouring

This Eskimo colouring picture is one of the new more complicated printables I have been adding to the site, for older children to colour in.

People Colouring PicturePeople Colouring Picture

This ones based on me, chopping wood at the Farm, again slightly more complicated.

Pirate Colouring picturesPirate Colouring

A happy looking pirate colouring picture, the pirate has a hooked hand and stands guarding a large treasure chest on a beach.

Red Indian ColouringNative Indian Colouring

A Native Indian coloring picture, a happy indian standing in the wilds. Quite a few sections to colour in on this picture.

People ColoringPeople Coloring

Features Frey and I up at farm quite a simple colouring picture, should be good for younger children to colour in.

Kite Flying ColoringKite Flying Coloring

This is one of the older colouring pictures. The child is flying a kite. I like this one lots of blocky sections to colour in.

Paperboy PrintablePaperboy Printable

Another simple kids colouring page featuring a paperboy riding his bike down the road while delivering papers.