Fuzzy Felt - Picture Maker Games

The Online Picture Maker section features Online Fuzzy Felt pages that children can use online, by dragging images on the web page to create unique Fuzzy Felt style pictures. You can drag multiple images, and after the images has been placed on the page, you can click on it and re position it in another place and scale the images see help section for details. The Picture Maker section, now has pictures to create online, these will be added to a the colouring site progresses.

Dressing up game

Kids Dressing up Game

This is the flash version of the Frog dressing up game I made as an iPhone app, there are loads of different funny versions to be made. Should be good for children of ages to play with, you can change the hands, hats, eyes, mouth, backgrounds, frog colour and clothes.

Park Picture Maker

Park Picture Maker

This is the latest Picture Maker game to be added to my site, there will soon be a new one added soon which will feature smoother graphics. This new Park Fuzzy Felt game features a much larger background with twenty seven new images, that can be placed to make your own special park picture.