About Us


All the drawings and content on this site is created by me (Dave Seipp), I studied at Harrogate college of Arts and Technology then trained an Illustrator at Bournemouth & Poole college.

I bumped into computers a few years later and worked at an educational games company, design agency and then another games company which is now part of Rockstar Leeds and then I worked for myself and I learning how to build websites.

The first children's drawings started with my Sister's son Ben, guess he will have been about two at the time, we would meet up with them at my Mum's farm at the weekend and I would draw for him.


We ended up with spotty dinosaurs, tractors pulling trailers full of sweets, ducks with wellington boots on stood in puddles, suns with smiles and many other funny drawings. Ben would then colour them in and take them home with him or they would be featured on my Mum's fridge.

My daughter Freya when she was young (she looked so cool when she painted) was born seventeen years ago (omg that went SO quickly) and as Frey got older the drawings continued.

Anyway... I messed with the idea of setting up a little site to share my free colouring pages with other parents around the world for quite a while and one day decided to jump in and do it, I can tell you its been quite a journey to get to where the site is now but it has also been great fun.

I started looking at other things that would be cool for the site like the online colouring section which is getting new games which can be used on computers and now on tablets. These new Ipad games have over three hundred colours to choose from and you can now save them to your final coloured in images to the computer.

Every year I have loads of e-mails about the site from around the world and I have helped support several hospitals, bird sanctuaries, hedgehog rescue centers, church groups and the the UK guides to name but a few and also provided artwork for charity colouring events all based on the work on this site.

The site has hundreds and hundreds of my drawings now (I still cant believe that) and still new pages and games being added. Check the latest news section for the latest updates and to see whats being added.