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I've totally re worked this section of the site and removed the old online colouring games and am replacing them with the new html5 colouring apps which contain sets of images most featuring eight drawings.

Until now I've not known how to get the completed image to be saved (which has always been an issue) but I found out how to do it (woo hoo!)

You can now colour the drawings in online, press the save button and download the finished coloured image to your computer and then print it if you want. I have worked out how to save the finished images to iPads etc but I would need to publish the games through apple and that costs money, so at the moment you can only save on a computer unless you screenshot and use a free graphics app like snapseed to crop the screenshot down.

animal ipad colouring game


Animal themed pictures. Most of these are simple with very few small areas, and will be great for younger children to complete and although not really designed for mobiles would be OK to play on a smart phone.

Bird ipad colouring game


A set of eight Birds, some complicated and a few simple ones for younger children to colour. I think a good range of images to keep your Children busy, no adverts or distractions and fast to load up on computer or tablets.

Cat ipad colouring game


Cat themed drawings to colour in online, eight new images in this set, some with lots of sections and some with less sections for our younger audience.

Zoo ipad colouring game


Complicated images to colour, another eight Kids drawings four being complex with loads of areas. I'm planning once I've got all of the images collated to create some very simple sets of games and some super complicated games just for older children and adults.

Sheep ipad colouring game


Six images, most of these are simple with a few tricky tree trunks. I was planning, and started to draw some more Sheep to make the numbers up, but have altered the game numbers so I can get these new games live.

Fish ipad colouring game


I love this set, great fun to colour in. Another set of eight fish themed drawings to colour in on your computer or Ipad. I've put a mix of easy and more complicated images in the game that should work well with children of all ages.

Teddy bear ipad colouring game

Teddy bears

Another great set featuring eight teddy bears, I really enjoyed putting this set together. As always a mix of drawings some tricky and some super simple for the younger child. Might have enough bears completed to make another set.

Frog ipad colouring game


A set of six frogs, as usual a good mix of simple and complicated drawings to appeal to children of all ages. There are lots of greens to choose from you but you can use any colour you like on these new ones.

People ipad colouring game


This set of eight People themed drawings are quite a complicated set and should be great for older children to colour in. They feature a farmer, knight, spaceman, cowboy, and a chef to name a few. I really like this set and love the drawing style.

Dinosaur ipad colouring game


Dinosaur Ipad colouring game featuring eight dino themed drawings that can be coloured in using an Ipad or computer and once the chosen image is coloured in you can save the image to your computer and also print it out if you want. A simple set of images which should be great for younger children to use.

Circus ipad colouring game


Circus online colouring pages, eight in total and a good selection of medium difficulty drawings for children of all ages to play with. These new Ipad colouring apps work on tablets and on phones but are designed to be used on computers and once your childs coloured in the image that can be saved to your computer and can be printed out if required.

transport ipad colouring game


Eight transport pictures with a mix of easy and complicated drawings to colour in using your computer. The Giraffe driving a car is the most complicated in this set, even took me a while to complete that in testing. Hope you enjoy the new set of images.

space ipad colouring game


Eight space drawings including some new additions. Spacemen, aliens and robots to colour in using the computer and as with all the new games you can save the final coloured in pictures to your computer.

hedgehog ipad colouring game


Love this set, a great selection of hedgehog drawings to colour in using the computer. A good mix of simple and complicated images for children of all ages.

butterfly ipad colouring game


butterflies and caterpillars in this set lots of complicated images for older Kids and a couple of super simple ones for the younger ones.

dragon ipad colouring game


A set of eight dragons most of these are quite simple to colour with only a few small tricky areas. Should be a good starting point for the younger children.

dentist ipad colouring game


A very simple dental themed set featuring happy and sad teeth a tooth fairy and happy children eating fruit and other sugary things. A great set for younger children and Kids who are new to using computers.

Fairy colouring game


Another simple set featuring six fairy themed images to colour online. Another great set for younger Kids to get started with.

robots colouring game


Robots game with eight images to complete, some quite tricky and some very simple. Also check out the space game as that has a couple of robots included that are not in this game.

Dog colouring game


A good selection of dogs and puppies doing canine things like burying bones, playing with balls and just looking cute. Some of these are simple and some more complicated for older children to play with.

Christmas colouring game


Eight Christmas themed drawings to colour in, some quite simple and some very complicated. These should appeal to children of all ages and with the new extended colour set in the games you can create some amazing images.

Easy colouring game


A set of super simple drawings to colour in on your Ipad or computer. All the images have very limited sections and are great for young children to get started on.

halloween colouring game


Eight of my favourites from the halloween section of the site as always a good mix of images, some complex and some very simple.

snowboarding ipad colouring game


A small set of six snowboarding themed images, featuring a selection of characters having fun in the snow.

easter colouring


Easter drawings with bunnys, cjicks and teddy bears oh, and lots and lots of eggs to colour in, eight drawings in this new game.