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2nd October 2010

Halloween Coloring

Halloween Coloring

Just updated the existing Halloween Coloring section with a selection of new printables and six new online coloring pages. Love the new additions, interesting to see how my drawing style has changed over the years. Also like the On-line versions, still more of these to be added soon.

22nd Sept 2010

Dental Coloring

Dental Coloring

This new set features happy teeth with fruit and teeth cleaning items, sad teeth surrounded by sweets and other dental themed printables. The idea behind these ones is that they help promote teeth brushing and raise the awarenes of how sweets can effect childrens teeth.

30th July 2010

Pixie Coloring

Fairy Coloring

Its taken a while to get the new ones drawn so they look good and get them live but the new Fairy pages are now available as printables and to colour in using your computer. Still pushing plans for my site, fighting with time at the moment. If you like my drawings please support my chosen Charity for the Three Peaks Walk that I've organised and I'm walking on the 28th of August, please donate anything, however small. Thanks Dave

9th June 2010

Snail Colouring

Updated the Bee Colouring section which now features another five online colouring pages and also added tonight a new Snail Colouring section which has Snail printables and Snail online colouring pages. Quite a simple kids colouring section, designed for younger children. All the new Colouring sections are also listed on the Coloring Blog. I'm also working on the new Bird Fuzzy felt game graphics, will get this one finished soon.

7th June 2010

Just added a six more printables to the Bird Coloring section to the site.

The latest additions are:

Got loads more in the pipeline, still got thirteen new ones on my desktop ready to be added.

Also added the new Rhino Colouring section which features dot to dot, online colouring and Rhino Printable sheets, really like this new section.

Added four new online colouring pages to the Fish Colouring section.

7th May 2010

Added a new Dog Coloring section to the site and just added eight new Dragon Colouring printables with the new dotted lettering pdfs, these can be printed out, coloured in and the letters can be drawn over, giving your kids extra practice in making letter shapes.

24th April 2010

Got loads of new stuff over the past few days including the new Dragon Coloring section featuring eight online coloring pages, really like these new ones. I have also started some complicated dot to dot printables and today, I have released another three Pig Colouring pictures that can be coloured in using the computer. Will be adding more tonight, when I get back from the farm.

Just launched a new idea I had featuring a Kids Color Mixer, the idea behind this is that you guys explain how colours are made up and as you explain you can drag coloured shapes, and create new colours as your child watches. I will put a page together with how it works for those who are not sure, still good to play with. Comments welcome!

17th April 2010

puppy coloringDog coloringDigging Dog coloringDog and Bone coloring

Dog Coloring - Just added another four Online Dog Coloring pages which are now featured, these vary in difficulty, some simple and some complicated, should be good for children of all ages to color in, loads more of these coming soon. Been a slight delay in getting the new stuff live as I've been working on a Charity Project I've set up. The demo Three Peaks Walk site can be seen here, more information on it will be coming soon.

30th January 2010
Just launched the new Easter Colouring section, got four in there at the moment, but will be added several more to that section over the next few days.

23rd January 2010
Just added a free online version of the Kids' Dressing Up Game to the site, which can be played on your computer (flash player needed). Getting loads and loads of new drawings done for the site.